What makes us different.

The best way to know somebody is to know what they're not.  


We're not a training company.

We're Singapore's first relationship consultancy. 

We help people renew relationships so they are happier at work and at home. Training can become mechanical, while relating feels natural. We believe that our relationships define us and helps us understand the world we live in.  So if you're in the business of making moments more meaningful, we're here to listen. 

We're not good at everything. 

Hey, everyone claims to be a one stop shop for just about everything. Not us. We're pretty focused at what we do best, like helping families connect better, teams executing smarter, and students learning faster. Its delivering on the few things that we excel at that count, not being all things to all people for the sake of clout. 

We're not for everyone.

But we're meant for someone. It doesn't matter what other people say about you or where you're from. The only thing that matters is what you've done. REAL Academy doesn't train for the sake of training, its for self-mastery and all the great things that help you become better as an individual.  

We're not big.

We're small yet we're more sensitive to the issues at heart. Our 40 years of combined experience of providing counsel to families, teams, and companies has changed so many lives for the better, and they are proud of what they've become. We're not big, and we probably won't be, because we believe that being small keeps us humble, and it plants our feet firmly on the ground.

We're not for the short term. 

We're here for long run. Relationships are not built overnight. And that's why we created programs that prepare you for the future not just a yearly get together. We've built all our stuff to celebrate the magic in what makes us human, so that living in the real world helps your heart, body, and soul live as one.


We design special programs for everyone.

Our programs are better for teams, families, and everyone else in between. 



Performances not presentations.

Tired of hearing the same sleepy presentations? Well, our programs are anything but boring.  





Kiteflyer 1.0 

Relationship building through the magic of kite flying




The biggest thing that ever happened to training.



REALity Trips

Experience a whole new world like never before.