Team Builder

The program for stronger heart muscles and smoother office hustle  


Real Academy's Team Builder isn't just about having fun outdoors with your officemates. For us it's about bringing out the best in the relationships you already have.

Employees need to understand the value of teamwork outside the workplace because there are limits to what we can do on our own. A great primer for relationship-building, our Team Builder highlight the synergies created when individuals lend skills to one another in order to accomplish something greater for the good of all. 


Reality Trips

Change your world, one trip at a time




Hold your breath. This will be breathtaking.  

Take the most amazing trip of your life with REAL Academy's Reality Trips. Prepare yourself for  an adventure as we transplant you to a community away from Singapore.

Gain a clearer perspective.

Experience the opportunity for connectedness.  While going through a customised personal development workshop, participants will be give the opportunity to work with a community in great need of development, both physically and socially.

Watch the community grow

This program allows the participant to see the community grow from a small undeveloped area to a fully functioning and developed community.


Our REAL Promise

We do not flit from one community to another. We stay the course. We grow roots not just in the region but in our hearts. Through our progressive personal development courses, participants will always learn and share something new each time they visit.


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Pathfinder 101

A personal mentoring program to self discovery


Pathfinder 101 is a step-by-step program to personal mastery. It provides guidance for those who are at a crossroads of their lives and are unable to move forward.

Our REAL Mentors will be in constant* communique with you at every step to assist you in navigating the potential pitfalls you may find in your way.

Programs at every stage for every age.

There is a Pathfinder program available for anyone and everyone. Whether you are a teen or an adult, our REAL Mentors will create a personalised report and provide a stable presence throughout the program.

Corporate Cohesion Program

The perfect program for the companies of today 

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REAL Chef program

Like cooking your first omelet, or baking your own cake, all it takes is practice. Nobody's born perfect, and in Real Academy's REAL Chef Program, we help participants from different levels of mastery get up to speed, realize their own limitations, and work towards a more beautiful relationship within the corporation.


This program will enable the the entire company to work from the same page. Whether its a corporate directive or a simple initiative, REAL Consultants will be on hand to identify the issues of how information is conceptualised and them passed down from the echelons of leadership to the masses of the company. We will help you answer the crucial question of why missives and directives even with the best intentions are being challenged or misinterpreted as they pass down the chain of command.  REAL Consultants will work closely with the upper, middle and lower management as well as other stakeholders within the company and provide a detailed report on how information can be received without dilution of the intent. A clearer focus equates to a healthier company.



The REAL way to corporate harmony




Bollabola! is the first of its kind in Singapore. Participants will navigate through a series of activities guided by REAL facilitators.

The players will be enclosed in our unique Bollabolas! and work as a unit to achieve their REAL objective :  A stronger, cohesive team!

Whether its a hard tackle or a bounce gone wrong, BollaBola! provide loads of fun and participants will learn the true nature of REAL business. Human Relational Business.


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Personal Development Program

Transform to a brand new you.  



Break free from your old self and blossom to a new individual through our Personal Development Programs. 


This program will allow the participants to discover their own strengths and weaknesses while balancing opportunities and threats around them. 

A series of outdoor activities and group coaching sessions with a strong focus on personal discovery walks us through our role within the society and an even bigger role within the family unit.