Jim Lim

Founding Director

Jim has 15 years of experience in Social Work, Education and Training. He graduated from the University of Singapore in 2003 with BA (Hons, 2nd Upper) Social Sciences in Social Work and started as a Social Worker with the Family & Juvenile Courts of Singapore, working with juvenile offenders, youth-at-risk, victims and perpetrators of family violence, divorcing couples and children affected by divorce. He was also hosting a regular live talk show, Heart to Heart, on News 93.8FM for the Subordinate Courts. The show touched on everyday issues close to the heart of Singaporeans.

After his stint at the Subordinate Courts, Jim joined Beyond Social Services as an Assistant Director. His duties included being the Executive Director of the Bukit Ho Swee Family Service Centre and spearheading a Child Protection Team that worked closely with the then MCYS Child Protection Services. The time with Beyond Social Services gave him much experience working with youth-at-risk and families below the poverty line.

Jim went on to set up the Counselling Service at NorthLight School, a school that aims to give children who fail their PSLE second chances. It was the first of its kind in the world. Jim was the Head of Department for Counselling. NorthLight was the only school in Singapore that had four full-time counselors.

After NorthLight, Jim became a Social Work Lecturer at Nanyang Polytechnic and helped to develop a new Diploma in Social Work that is supported by the National Council of Social Services(NCSS). Students graduating from this Diploma course will be the first batch of Social Work Associates released into the Social Work field.

Jim has authored & published a best-selling book entitled “The Kite Story: Perspectives On Parenting & Mentoring” that was launched by NLB in Bishan Library on March 9th 2013. He is also a personal mentor to many youths and meets them up regularly. Jim has worked with 900 families and trained about 2000 youth, parents and professionals ever since he set up REAL Academy. Jim has been invited to speak on parenting and youth issues on News 93.8FM, Capital 95.8FM and MOE ExcelFest 2014. He is also the principal consultant for the series “Children in Crisis” screened on Toggle.sg and the Parenting Consultant on Talking Point, TCS Channel 5. Jim is a certified Choice Theory and Reality Therapy practitioner and is a Faculty Member of the William Glasser Institute. He is married to a Principal Social Worker and has three children.