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For Couples

It takes two to tango. So when married couples need guidance to fix an issue before it becomes sore, our counsellors will help so you'll have less fights and love more.

For Parents

We understand the demands at home and how kids can often be unpredictable. Sometimes all it takes is patience but what it really needs is balance. Let us help you find the right combination so you can make that lasting connection.

For Teens

Soft. Hard. Quick. Frequent. Timely. Even. Faster. Now.  
Approach is relative and the exceptions are endless. We know what works and what doesn't, so talk to us and you won't have to experiment. 

For Individuals

There are different strokes for different folks. But the differences among them may not be so different at all. Let Real Academy mentors guide you through a special process to help you lead a life of meaning, resilience, and distinction. 

The KiteFlyer 1.0

Relationship building through the magic of kite flying.


KiteFlyer 1.0 Program

KiteFlyer 1.0 is a program born from the highly acclaimed book Kite Story by Jim Lim. The KiteFlyer program brings to life the lessons found in this parenting and mentoring book by teaching parents relationship basics such as when to hold on, how to let go and changing positions. Jim believes that there is an overemphasis in parenting on getting children to grow but it is actually the parents who grow together with their children.

KiteFlyer 1.0 participants are taken outdoors after assembling their kite and will undergo a master session with the author. As as they are taught the basics of kite flying, bonding with the whole family begins. 

A first of its kind in Singapore, KiteFlyer 1.0 aims to become an important program for parenting relationships. Jim wrote in his book, "Parents have the power to help their children fly, but also the power to hide sky."


Jim with Chloe, Brandon and Ethan.  

Jim with Chloe, Brandon and Ethan.  

The Kite Story

This book is not your ordinary parenting manual. Written as a metaphor to illustrate the relationship of parents and their children, The Kite Story strikes a chord by challenging our parenting biases, techniques and the reasons behind them. 

We all know how daunting being a parenting can be sometimes, especially increasing demands in all aspects of our lives. That's why The Kite Story was written in easy prose, using simple language and short enough to finish and apply to one's family right away. 

In an offsite session in Manila, Jim was asked if whether being an expert kite flyer could also translate to being a perfect parent, Jim jokingly replied, "Sitting in a garage doesn't make you a car and going to church doesn't make you a man of God, well at least not instantly." He adds,"While its important to recognize the kind of actions we take as parents, it is equally important to find out what motivations lurk behind those actions. There can never be a perfect parenting system but we can always be better parents."

The book offers no excuses by explaining the limitations employing techniques & experiments, using fear and the limits of punishing and rewarding. Reading the Kite Story will help old and new parents to reflect on their parenting relationships with their children and adjust their own parenting styles.

Overall, readers will understand the power using a simple metaphor, using a tool that we can all relate to and having fun during the process.  


Praise for The Kite Story


"This is not the usual tale that reads like a tale, but it brings you right up into the sky quite like a kite would fly. ...the book teaches about the process and the "being" of parenting far better than other books have done. Capture the same excitement and invigorating joy of mastering the gift of parenting through this book."

Ms Ang Bee Lian

Chief Executive Officer, National Council of Social Services, Singapore


 " parents we love our children because they are our own. However, there are occasions when they feel that our love for them is only proportional to the grades they get in school.  As a result, we often feel confused, disappointed and discouraged when our children misunderstand us this way. Raising a child is like flying a kite. The Kite Story provides us with some insights on when to pull back and when to let go. Parenting is about quality relationships and as parents we will want to be the significant other in the lives of our children."

Mrs Chua Yen Ching

Director, Curriculum Planning and Development, Ministry of Education, Singapore;

Founding Principal, NorthLight School


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Personal Discovery Program  

Ready. Set. Grow.


Even in the darkest of days, beautiful things can blossom.

A relationship is a lot like growing a flower. It takes timing, energy, and understanding. REAL Academy's Personal Discovery Program focuses on these things so you can find the seeds within yourself, make sense of what to do with them, and mature into a unique individual. 

This program helps families identify blind spots--ideas, situations, and areas within our lives . Our REAL Academy consultants will be with participating families throughout the entire program to work out the most crucial issues at hand and help the family achieve better harmony.



BollaBola! Workshop

This program provides a great opportunity for families to bond. Parent and child teams will go through a series  of shared experiences of BollaBola! games. After which,  they will gather for a facilitated learning session conducted by REAL Academy Facilitators. Some experiential learning points include knowing how “no man is an island”, the need for self-discipline, perseverance,  and why forming a "bubble" around oneself can harm relationships and loved ones/colleagues/friends over the long term.

Parenting Workshop

Parents will be asked to furnish information about specific challenges and difficulties they are currently facing with their children 3 weeks before the workshop. A brief questionnaire will be disseminated to the parents to facilitate the information gathering. The first session will involve knowledge sharing on the REAL facilitator's part. For the second session, the information previously gathered will be carefully studied and analyzed. It will also be shared with trained actors and actresses so that they can appropriately role-play as the children  in the role-play section of the workshop. Parents will be working through the issues at hand 'live' with the trained actors.

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