KiteFlyer 1.0

The kite flyer program is a unique program that begins with teacher/s and class combined activity (Mass Kite flying) and then to a component where the teachers will be split from the pupils for their own indivdual program. While the teacher will be brought through a process of knowledge sharing and the RELATIONSHIP BANK concept, the pupils will concurrently undergo a sharing which would cover 3 main components: Self-Awareness, Relationship Skills and Social Awareness. The kite flying activity that the pupils go through will be used as an analogy of how it can apply to their own lives. This program will culminate with the pupils creating a walking gallery of the learnt concepts as well as an acknowledgement that the teacher is an active partner in their development.

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About The Kite Story

This book is not your ordinary parenting manual. Written as a metaphor to illustrate the relationship of parents and their children, The Kite Story strikes a chord by challenging our parenting biases, techniques and the reasons behind them. 

We all know how daunting being a parenting can be sometimes, especially increasing demands in all aspects of our lives. That's why The Kite Story was written in easy prose, using simple language and short enough to finish and apply to one's family right away. 

In an offsite session in Manila, Jim was asked if whether being an expert kite flyer could also translate to being a perfect parent, Jim jokingly replied, "Sitting in a garage doesn't make you a car and going to church doesn't make you a man of God, well at least not instantly." He adds,"While its important to recognize the kind of actions we take as parents, it is equally important to find out what motivations lurk behind those actions. There can never be a perfect parenting system but we can always be better parents."

The book offers no excuses by explaining the limitations employing techniques & experiments, using fear and the limits of punishing and rewarding. Reading the Kite Story will help old and new parents to reflect on their parenting relationships with their children and adjust their own parenting styles.

Overall, readers will understand the power using a simple metaphor, using a tool that we can all relate to and having fun during the process.

“This is not the usual tale that reads like a tale, but it brings you right up into the sky quite like a kite would fly. ...the book teaches about the process and the “being” of parenting far better than other books have done. Capture the same excitement and invigorating joy of mastering the gift of parenting through this book.”
— Ms Ang Bee Lian Chief Executive Officer, National Council of Social Services, Singapore
“ parents we love our children because they are our own. However, there are occasions when they feel that our love for them is only proportional to the grades they get in school. As a result, we often feel confused, disappointed and discouraged when our children misunderstand us this way. Raising a child is like flying a kite. The Kite Story provides us with some insights on when to pull back and when to let go. Parenting is about quality relationships and as parents we will want to be the significant other in the lives of our children.”
— Mrs Chua Yen Ching Director, Curriculum Planning and Development, Ministry of Education, Singapore; Founding Principal, NorthLight School