KiteFlyer 1.0 program combines the joy and wonder of kite flying with a therapeutic component.

KiteFlyer 1.0 is a program born from the highly acclaimed book Kite Story by Jim Lim. The KiteFlyer program brings to life the lessons found in this parenting and mentoring book by teaching parents relationship basics such as when to hold on, how to let go and changing positions. Jim believes that there is an overemphasis in parenting on getting children to grow but it is actually the parents who grow together with their children.

KiteFlyer 1.0 participants are taken outdoors after assembling their kite and will undergo a master session with the author. As as they are taught the basics of kite flying, bonding with the whole family begins. 

A first of its kind in Singapore, KiteFlyer 1.0 aims to become an important program for parenting relationships. Jim wrote in his book, "Parents have the power to help their children fly, but also the power to hide sky."

Kite flying has gained much popularity in Singapore recently. KiteFlyer 1.0 combines the joy and wonder of kite flying with a therapeutic component where children will be guided by experienced facilitators to communicate to their parents 3 intimate things that they have always wanted to express to their parents/guardians. They will pen them down on the kite they have just flown together as a family and it serves as a symbolic token to remind them to always spend time to bond as a family. This is a very impactful (many times, touching) program that is also listed in MSF’s Family Matters! Menu (Code REA-POT1ab).