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REALity Trips

All REALity Trip programs are conducted with YOU in mind. 

With any activity that is conducted, we promise that we will provide you with discoverable moments for you to internalize as you re-live the day’s activities that made an impact with you.

Experience REAL Academy’s unique Quiet Time and Moot Court; our signature programs. Let our facilitators join you as you delve and search for the questions within.


Bollabola! Workshop

This program provides a great opportunity for families to bond. Parent and child teams will go through a series of shared experiences of BollaBola! games. After which,  they will gather for a facilitated learning session conducted by REAL Academy Facilitators. Some experiential learning points include knowing how “no man is an island”, the need for self-discipline, perseverance,  and why forming a "bubble" around oneself can harm relationships and loved ones/colleagues/friends over the long term.