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Happy Family drawing by Ethan, Jim's eldest child

Happy Family drawing by Ethan, Jim's eldest child

Jim Lim, founder of REAL Academy, had a troubled childhood. This helped him very much to identify with the people he helped. He soon realized that strong, healthy and meaningful relationships form the foundation for a satisfying and fulfilling life, not monetary wealth or societal status. He understood this more each day as he fathers his three children - Ethan, Chloe and Brandon. 

Jim's experience at a glance:

  • B. Soc. Sci. (Hons.) in Social Work, University of Singapore
  • Certified Choice Theory & Reality Therapist
  • Social Worker, Family & Juvenile Courts, Subordinate Courts of Singapore
  • Assistant Director, Beyond Social Services
  • Head, Bukit Ho Swee Family Service Centre
  • Head Of Department for Counselling, NorthLight School  
  • Social Work Lecturer, Nanyang Polytechnic

Together with Clifton, Jim built REAL Academy as a solution to help find others who often "suffered" in silence and whose voices were never heard. REAL Academy's mission is to build better relationships by developing stronger family units,  better students and balanced professionals.

Clifton & Jim


Why REAL Academy?

In the 20+ years of combined experience consulting for schools, families and companies, we've seen action from both sides of the table and boy we've seen some awesome stuff. 

There is a lot going on in Singapore. As the fourth-leading financial centre in the world, things move much faster around here. It's so fast that we have forgotten how to slow down and take a break. We have become more disconnected as a society. We don't even have time to make babies!

Our response to this "disconnectedness" is  REAL Academy, Singapore's first relationship consultancy. We want to put things in perspective by slowing things down a little, so we can all focus on our families, our friends, and those that matter. We want to help others realize what really matters in life - relationships. 


Moments make memories.

You know that feeling when you stroll in the park. It's like going to the same place again for the very first time. The blades of the grass shine where you once left them but they come to you renewed, perhaps from the sun and the rain that just passed. They don't bother to complain about the other things that don't matter. They're just there living in the moment. 

We believe that the moments we make special, become memories eternal. So by investing in the relationships that matter to us, we create an endless stream of stories to enjoy tomorrow and the days thereafter. 


Clifton with students having a blast with boxes.

Clifton with students having a blast with boxes.

The smiles we sing

Its hard not to think of the smiles we sing. Everyday we meet new people and hear the most amazing things.  

Fulfilment is what we feel. As parents, we understand the responsibility of being able to give the best to your kids. The laughter, the smiles, the stories, the cheers, is the only music we want to hear. 

Reflection Workshop @ Raffles Institution

Reflection Workshop @ Raffles Institution

Ethan & Chloe

Ethan & Chloe

Another picture by Ethan

Another picture by Ethan


A little lesson goes a long way.  

Coming from a huge extended family, Clifton is  used to working and solving tense situations between family members. Using this skill as he grew up to be a teacher with the Ministry of Education, he transferred his skills into helping parents and children reacquaint themselves from their previously dysfunctional state. Unafraid of fixing things that need to be fixed no matter how hot it gets when working with kids.  he is  always calm and cool.  Clifton enjoys working with people by helping them measure the value of their relationships at present and work towards a greater harmony in their interactions .

His track record in helping kids getting past mental roadblocks has garnered him a big reputation among students and faculty alike. When Clifton joined Jim to form Real Academy, one condition was that not only would they always put their relationship first, but also being able to continue what he started while in the Ministry of Education for close to 13 years. 

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Finding self in a crowd


Being born in such a big family, he at times felt lost and had no one he could talk to about his hopes and failures. He made a decision then, that he would do his best to ensure that those around him did not feel that way. Clifton knew he wanted to help people understand the importance of being part of an active community. As he grew, he understood the need for analysing a situation before breaking  them down to their basic ingredients. So while he's not looking for clues with a fine comb, he will take the time to understand your situation, find the relevant connections, and move towards resolving issues as painless as possible.

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 Clifton at a glance:

  • Diploma, National Institute of Education  
  • Advanced Post Graduate Diploma, Special Needs Learning, Behavioural Needs
  • BA English Language & Literature, Open University London
  • Dyslexia Awareness, Special Needs Emotional Behavioural Disorders, Crisis Communications, Various Certificates    
  • Educator for 13 years, Ministry of Education
  • MOE Outstanding Contribution Awardee, TEAM
  • Mentor, Motivator, Friend.

Family man

Besides being absolutely crazy about Batman, Clifton loves drawing parallels from his real work as a Relationship Consultant at Real Academy to his alter-ego as a full-time father of three. Clifton enjoys juggling the life-work balance because in his mind, being in harmony is more than just a balancing act.

Clifton Family.jpg