Resilience Workshop

This 3 hr workshop is where pupils will be brought through the concept of resilience (through a personal sharing by Jim) and the necessary strategies and factors to learn resilience. Secondly, there will be a workshop where students will discover the strengths already present in their lives to develop resilience as well as learn what more they can do to be more resilient.

Time Out Program

This program is for the reintegration and the motivation for pupils who are disenchanted with the school system due to the personal issues in their lives. This 8 to 15 week program (depending on the needs of the school) will be based on 5 themes. Self - Management, Relationship Management, Conflict Management, Self- Awareness and Interpersonal Communication. This will culminate in a project entitled Daring to Dream where the pupils will be tasked in finding a need in the school or community and working on a plan to fill the need.

The LEADeR Program

Unleashing the leader within.


Learn, Evaluate, Assess, Deploy, Reflect  – This 4 to 6 week program gives  students the platform to exercise their leadership skills using real life scenarios as a basis of planning.

Using experiential learning as a means,  students will be trained in looking out for potential pitfalls and great ideas to come up with a perfect event.



Cyber Wellness 

Making the online and offline world healthier for you. 

Cyber Wellness Program

The Cyber World - Your World, Our World

This is an innovative  program that aims to authenticate how we lead our lives in both the digital and the real world. Consistent research has indicated a merging of both areas in our lives as we spend more and more time creating a digital identity that may or may not be consistent with the physical reality outside the computer.   



Relating E-life to Authentic Life School-wide Efforts on Online behaviour. – The main premise of this program is that our online behaviours  mimic our offline character and personality traits. In this program, we help teachers and parents identify these traits and work our strategies to help the students online. 


Experiential Learning & Reflection

A program meant for big groups. Participants will experience their school values and characteristics through specially crafted activities designed by REAL Facilitators. The activities are anchored by self and group reflection at the end of each session.

Participants will be able to internalise the knowledge and value learnt and given time will actualise it into their daily living.


Drop In Programme

This 8 - 15 week program is for pupils who are 'left to their own devices' when school has ended. The target pupils for this program are for those who do not have extra classes and yet are not going home due to various reasons. The program aims to infuse values and 'desired' outcomes into each activity. The unique feature of the program is that upon completion of the activity and learning component, time will be set aside with the different pupils in helping them with their schoolwork/homework. This provides a fruitful opportunity for the pupils to have additional help in relearning challenging concepts.


Kite Flyer 1.0

The kite flyer program is a unique program that begins with teacher/s and class combined activity (Mass Kite flying) and then to a component where the teachers will be split from the pupils for their own indivdual program. While the teacher will be brought through a process of knowledge sharing and the RELATIONSHIP BANK concept, the pupils will concurrently undergo a sharing which would cover 3 main components: Self-Awareness, Relationship Skills and Social Awareness. The kite flying activity that the pupils go through will be used as an analogy of how it can apply to their own lives. This program will culminate with the pupils creating a walking gallery of the learnt concepts as well as an acknowledgement that the teacher is an active partner in their development.


Student Mentoring


This program  fleshes out the reason why the teacher is no longer an imparter of knowledge but a mentor who guides the students through life's difficult choices. This is a signature program that enables teachers, through technical knowledge and practical tips. This program has enabled teachers to work with pupils from the perspective of a role model guide.


Other programs for schools


Personal Mentorship Program
Reality Trips