A better way to learn. 


REAL Academy is a place to find great programs for families, schools, and companies who desire to build better relationships.



Learn the basics of building character while having a blast.


Big things start with small steps and home is where it all begins. 



You can form great relationships at your workplaces too.

Not all programs are created equal.

At REAL Academy we combine fun and learning to keep you engaged and energized.  

For Companies

Breathe new life into your organization with programs that not only give you a burst of energy and excitement but also balances your mind and soul. 

For Schools

Take the learning of your students to a whole new level with REAL Academy's Signature Programs.

For Families

Open your heart and renew your relationships with REAL Academy's Family & Parenting Programs. Learn together, laugh together and play together like never before. 

Clifton Alexis


When he's not busy saving pupils who are identified to be at-risk, Clifton spends time creating opportunities to enable them to develop and stand as an example to others . Having worked in the Ministry of Education as an educator has given him a unique perspective in the needs of those at risk. Being a father of 3 amazing children, he's passionate about imparting mentoring knowledge and practical know how to children and parents alike . more

Jim Lim


He's not psychic even when what he reveals is the heart of the matter. This veteran social worker and psychologist has helped countless kids, teens, and adults with his intensity counselling on and off the campus. For over 12 years, Jim has been on a mission to help fix what's broken in society and he wont stop until he moves some mountains, breaks barriers, and turns the very impossible, possible. more